Hey There!
I hope you all are having a great year so far, I can't believe we are already in April, that's wild, feels like I was only just celebrating New Years with my mates. There is a lot that's happened already this year in the world, so if you're reading this, I hope you're doing ok.
March was a very busy month for me personally, I'll get the big thing out the way first... I just celebrated my 27th Birthday a few days ago (March 29th). Something you should know before I go any further is that I'm currently studying for a Diploma of Photography at the Adelaide College of the Arts, I've just finished for the term, now I'm on break for a few weeks, then I get back into it, start of May, and I officially finish (and hopefully graduate) in July, so yeah, not long to go. I started this course with TAFE SA back in July last year, and before that did a 6 Month course to get my Certificate 4 in Photography (which I passed haha).
The reason I bring up the course now in relation to my birthday was because I spent majority of my birthday there. I wasn't studying however, currently my class and I are fundraising for our graduation, as when we finish in July, our graduation is in the form of an exhibition where we will present our images to the public, I'm excited but also kind of terrified haha, it'll be fun though, just a lot to organize. So yeah, our class needs to raise money to help fund the exhibition, which includes all the prints for our images, not sure if you've ever printed high quality images, let me tell you, it's not cheap, and there's 11 of us, so the price really starts to add up. 
Haha you'll notice through my blogs that sometimes it'll take me a little bit to get to the point, basically what we did the other day was professional headshots for people. Our class set up different stations in our photography studio that had different backdrops such as white, black and blue, so depending on what the person is wearing, we have a background that will work for them. I'm not a portrait photographer (at least not right now), but there are classmates that specialize in portraits, so people would come in, donate some money and get their headshot taken, after that, other classmates (including myself) would then edit the photos and send them to the clients. I think the day was a success, we've still got a lot of money to raise, but we've already got other things in the works to help reach our goal. But yeah, as I said, that day was also my birthday so that night I met up with some good mates in the city, we went to a burger place that I love, had a few drinks and then went and played some pool (it's one of those things where I'm either really good at it, or have the worst luck haha). Overall I had a great birthday, even though I had to spend majority of it fundraising with my classmates, it was fine as they are an awesome group of talented people.
Earlier I talked about my graduation exhibition, well that actually leads into the other thing I wanted to tell you about today. So during all of March, I've actually had my own personal exhibition happening at a local café, I have been displaying some of my landscape photos printed on canvas's and even had them for sale. This is actually a big deal for me as it's my first ever exhibition, I regularly share my images on social media, however with the exception of a couple of competitions, I've never had my landscape photos printed to display for the public and to even possibly sell my images too. it's been a great experience. I'll admit there were a few issues in the beginning when I was setting it up, but since then I've had a lot of people come to the café and check out my landscape images. Last weekend I was there with some family as they were proud of me and wanted to see my work, and I noticed a couple of people walking up to my photos and smiling, none of these people bought my images, however just seeing people appreciate my work was an awesome feeling. As far as I know the exhibition wasn't a huge success financially, however it did help me get my name out there more, so for that I'm happy.
I think that's all for today, I've actually got one more big story from March that I can't wait to share with you, however I have a lot to talk about with this other news so I feel it needs it's own blog post. Stay tuned for that news, here's a little teaser for you... One of the biggest achievements of my photography career so far! 
Until next time, hope you all have a great day!
Jordan 🙂📷