In February 2020, I travelled overseas for the first time at the age of 24.
I went for an adventure in Bali for just over a week with a group of friends. While we did go for a nice relaxing holiday, at the same time we wanted to make the most of this experience. 
Some of the amazing experiences I had included going to the greatest waterpark I've ever been to, Riding Quad Bikes through muddy hills, caves and waterfalls, we also went for a boat ride across the ocean to explore multiple islands.
We also went to some hot springs, did some shopping in the city, and checked out a few restaurants and nightclubs.
The Highlight of my trip was an amazing morning I'll cherish forever..
Waking up about 1am to spend a couple of hours to get to Mount Batur, and then a couple more hours to climb the volcano, was tough... However, the feeling I had standing on top of that volcano with some great friends looking at one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen, watching that sun come up in the distance is a feeling that's impossible for me to explain, but one I'll never forget.
I will admit that the trip wasn't perfect, especially considering being there near the start of  a difficult time in the world that will forever be remembered in history...
And in the end, not going to lie, I was happy to get home when I did.
That being said, all the great experiences I had, is something I'll always remember fondly.
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