Photo taken by "Hey Monty Photography"
Hi there, I'm Jordan.
​I'm a Photographer based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Born in 1995, I was taking photos from an early age with the old disposable cameras.
I've got a huge passion for Photography. I have always been told growing up, that I have an eye for it. There is something about being behind a camera that relaxes me.

My main interest in Photography would have to be Landscapes. I’ve always had a love for Travel and Adventure, and so I enjoy being able to go to new locations and find beautiful to spots to capture. I love taking Landscape Photos as it allows me to just relax and take my time, in a way it can sometimes work as a form of meditation for me.
Although my main passion is Landscape Photography, I also enjoy photographing concerts and live events for clients.
My dream is to one day travel Australia, and maybe even overseas to discover new and amazing places to photograph.

Diploma in Photography and Photo Imaging
(TAFE SA, Adelaide College of the Arts)