Hey Everyone,
Today I've decided to try something new on this website, I've always considered myself a "fast thinker" I regular have a lot of thoughts going through my head, often photography related. I enjoy talking (some would say a little to much sometimes haha) which is kind of funny as I've always considered myself introverted. The thing about Photographers is they normally let their photos do the talking, clearly that's not enough for me. As I'm extremely passionate about all things photography I would love to be able to share my many thoughts about not just photography, but my life in relation to photography, so don't worry I won't be using this blog as therapy to share all my deepest personal thoughts, also I'm not someone who's constantly up to date with all the latest and greatest photography gear so this blog wont be used a thoughts and reviews on the newest gear in the industry. 
I want to use my blogs to not only share my thoughts and experiences related to photography, but I also want to just let you all know me a little better. As I said before photographers often talk with their images, even though you may be able to have an idea of who I am as a photographer when looking through my portfolio, it may not allow you to know me well as a person. through my blogs I hope to talk about not just the images I've taken, but my personal thoughts about certain images, as well as the story behind them, one of my favourite things about photography is being able to have some amazing experiences, and then when people ask how or when I took a certain image, I often then have an awesome story to tell.
My favourite area of photography is Landscapes as I love exploring, and with that comes so many stories, basic stories such as the weather when taking photos, to detailed stories such as the elaborate process it took to get a certain image. At some point you've probably probably heard the quote "A picture is worth a thousand words" that is so true, in some cases you could even say "at least a thousand words", when it comes to some of my landscape photos, there is just so much to say, some real long stories that you can't fit all of it into a single picture. 
I've lost count how many times I've told someone I was a photographer, or showed them one of my photos and they've said something like "Photography must be a pretty simple" or "that wouldn't have been hard to take". In some cases, sure, but the truth is; and I'm sure most photographers would agree with me on this... There is a lot that goes into photography, so much more than people realize. If photography was as simple as just pointing a camera in a direction and then clicking the shutter button, photography wouldn't be as special. I can't speak for all photographers , but when I'm taking photos; let's say a landscape for example, it's like my brain has a switch that has just gone into photographer mode. without thinking I'm immediately looking around for the best position, best angle, what would be in the frame, and how will the composition look. Anyone can take a photo, but it takes skill to be able to create a picture, these people I mentioned earlier that would say taking photos is easy, If they showed me a photo and I said "that's a nice photo mate, what f/stop did you use?" I reckon they'd have no idea what I was talking about. As photographers, when we're on location, we are constantly thinking about what shutter, aperture, ISO, etc. we need to be using, that's what separates a good photo from a great photo.
Haha as you can probably tell from little rant just then, I'm extremely passionate about photography. That is the main goal of this blog, I LOVE Photography, I LOVE the adventure, I LOVE the process, I LOVE the stories. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. One of the best feelings I get as a photographer is when someone looks at one of my photos, and they say "how'd you do that?" just seeing the look of wonder on their faces puts a big smile on my face as I feel like I've just inspired them...  Honestly if my blogs or photos can help inspire at least one person, then I've succeeded. 
There are so many incredible areas to talk about when it comes to photography, and so I hope you enjoy my blogs and I look forward to letting you know me a little better, not just as a professional photographer... but as a man that loves life and of course photography.
Stay tuned for more, I hope you all have a great day! 
Jordan. 🙂📷